The Rage
A Novel by Temujin Hu

“The Rage is entertaining and well written.” —Pacific Book Review

The Rage is a gripping thriller of two young men whose lives become catastrophically entangled.

The Rage, Front CoverRoland's broken life drives him to the unthinkable crime of murder. This event destroys his emotional state and pushes him into a drug and murder binge, leading a darkly fascinated media to label him the “Red Ghost.” Although he fights to pull his life back together, his bitterness leaves him no other path but a criminal lifestyle, and he becomes an extraordinarily good criminal. He perfects his use of steroids, becomes a master thief, develops a network of criminal connections, and finally decides to put together his own gang. Along the way, he falls in love with another lost soul named Janie.

“This book is brilliant. It gets down to the base level of human brokenness and illustrates that God shows up no matter how hard we fall or how lost we become. I have never read a book that illuminates the power of grace in such an exceptional manner. ”
Melissa Levine

Nicolas is a young, ambitious businessman when he survives Roland's assault on his family. But the tragedy changes the course of his life as he obsesses over finding the young killer and training in various forms of combat to prepare himself for their next encounter. As he becomes a dangerous man, he falls away from normal society and loses his job along with any sense of the man he was. The sisterly affection of Vanessa, a friend of his wife, isn't enough to keep Nicolas from ending up living in alleys. He almost surrenders his quest for revenge before joining with a biker gang that crossed paths with Roland once.

“Hu has created an audacious novel unafraid of excess, where horrific moments arrive every few pages as he blends realism with the harsh reality of the lives of fearsome criminals.”
—Norm Goldman's review on

After a few years and many sacrifices, both of these men begin to realize the depths of their depravity, but the path to redemption is not a straight one. Vanessa becomes a federal agent and finds herself hunting her friend like he was an outlaw while a mysterious criminal racket simultaneously tries to recruit Roland and kill off Nicolas. These events lead to a kidnapping and a conclusion that brings all of the characters together in a clashing that can only end in blood.

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